Island Angels MotoGP 2024 Game

Celebrating 75 years of MotoGP

Cash Prizes at the end of the season!

  • for the overall MotoGP Winner
  • and rider with the Most Crashes/Trashed bikes.

€10 per rider

Pick a number to find out who your rider is. If you don’t like your rider, you can switch once and pick again, but you can’t return to your first choice.

We are limiting it to 3 per rider to maximise the cash prize at the end of the season.

You can buy as many riders as you like, so pick a number to get started!

Contact an Island Angel member to pay by Revolut/cash or purchase online below.


Select a number and add it to the cart, repeat if you want more than one rider. Once purchased, you will be emailed with your rider choice, if you want to switch just reply with your second choice.

Note: If riders are pulled before the first race on 8 March ’24 and they are your rider, you will be given a chance to choose another number/rider. Once the MotoGP has commenced after 8 March any riders pulled are part of the experience and no other choices will be given.  

MotoGP Race Calendar